Release Notes

9th January 2018

  • More subjects.
  • More papers.

9th June 2016

  • Tracking progress in textbooks.
  • Less confusing GCSE navigation when there's only one exam board.

25th May 2016

  • Some GCSEs and iGCSEs added.

24th May 2016

  • More improvements which make it easier for me to add extra subjects.
  • Geology added.
  • A.J. Hobson's "Just the Maths" added.
  • Release notes now have most recent stuff at the top.

30th April 2016

  • Improvements which make it easier for me to add GCSEs.

25th April 2016

  • Added release notes section to let you know what we've changed.
  • Improved mobile styling.
  • Easier entry of grade boundaries (so more can be added).